Get ready for a weekend full of learning, innovation, and fun at TroyHack, Troy’s first Hackathon! Take a dive with us as over 300 students from across the nation come to learn about the latest technologies, build innovative projects, and showcase their work. Come and explore the world of technology through interactive workshops, receive mentorship from experts, and network with top companies. Featuring fun activities, delicious meals, awesome prizes, and tons of swag, this is a wave you won’t want to miss!



Individuals (over 18 years in age)

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$1,085 in prizes

BEST BUSINESS HACK 1st Prize (Oculus Go VR Headset)

This is the first prize for the team that can create a business hack that is very innovative

2ND BEST BUSINESS HACK (Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen))

This is the second prize for the team that can create a business hack that is very innovative

3RD BEST BUSINESS HACK (Laptop Backpack)

This is the third prize for the team that can create a business hack that is very innovative

Raspberry Pi Kits

This is a challenge by CGI for a team that can create a Community Service focused application.


This prize is for the participant who can create the best Troy Hack logo design. The winner also gets their logo design used for the next edition of Troy Hack.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Dr. Long Ma

Dr. Long Ma
Computer Science Professor

Dr. Jiling Zhong

Dr. Jiling Zhong
Head of Troy University CS Department

Opeyemi Akorede Olumodimu

Opeyemi Akorede Olumodimu
Head of Marketing/ Design Troy Hack

Travis Clinkscales

Travis Clinkscales

Dr. Alberto Arteta

Dr. Alberto Arteta
Computer Science Professor

Judging Criteria

    How significant and relevant is the problem that the solution is trying to solve? Does that problem affect a market that we know and understand? Does it have a market? This constitutes 35% of the total score
    Is it a reflection of a diverse team’s ingenuity? Is it something a human being would feel delighted, excited, empowered, or even relieved to use? This constitutes 10% of the total score
    Which teams built working solutions? What gets done in the space of a hackathon is a decent indication of the dependencies and level of effort that would be required to put the technology into production. This constitutes 20% of the total score
    Does it pull something off that hasn’t been pulled off before? Does it do something new and unique? This constitutes 35% of the total score

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